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The Alpha Wave Experience created a one of a kind NFT collection called Alpha Wave NFT Visions. The visuals were created by Dimitri Thouzery and are artistic representations of seven testimonies of the first few individuals to try the earliest version of the Alpha Wave Experience. All pieces are Audio-Reactive-Generative Art, which means that the art reacts to the music that was co-created by Dan Ghenacia and Tolga Fidan.

Neon Collection


A choreography of neons in the cosmos creating geometrical shapes with their shadow.

Ballet Neon Collection

Spiral Collection

The Spiral Collection

Entangled in a colourful spiral. This animation will give you intense hallucinations. Create the experience yourself. Look at the visual then look at another computer screen it will move.

Spiral Collection

Geomagnetic Collection

Geomagnetic Collection

Morphing into geometrical shapes made of magma or fireworks.


In my
Skin Collection

In my Skin Collection

Everything moves through you. Energy pulses through the body.

Skin Collection

The 3rd
Eye Collection

3rd eye

Everything moves through you. Energy pulses through the body.

the 3rd eye

Revenant Collection


Vision of someone who passed away coming back to talk to you through a TV glitch.


Brain Collection

cosmic brain

A brain is breathing in the cosmos. Its shapes get transformed into particle coloured dust and come back to its original shape.